Liqui was initially started by designer maker Cameron Fry in 2007 with the aim of establishing a design studio with a multi-disciplined approach. It would blur the boundaries between art and design, graphics and furniture, lighting and sculpture creating unique designs in a variety of fields that were not only visually interesting and functional but also impart minimum impact on the environment.

Over the years the design studio has developed into a multi-faceted company consisting of Liqui Products, Liqui Exhibitions, Liqui Associates, Liqui Contracts and Liqui Consultants. All these divisions draw upon a wealth of experience, know-how and manufacturing resources allowing the Liqui Group to bring high level technical and design abilities to a range of projects.

From the practice’s London and Brighton based studios it continues to evolve and grow building on its reputation for detail-focused creative thinking. Cameron Fry now heads up a team that combines the talents of Designers and Project Managers – using their creative vision to bring a total service approach tailored to the individual needs of companies and brands.

Liqui is always looking to the future – improving on what has already been achieved. What they do next could be the polar opposite of what they did last time. But, whatever Liqui is working on, the designs have integrity and they are well thought out with acute attention to detail.

"Because things can be different."

Liqui’s first studio, positioned just outside Brighton on the south coast of England, began its life as the company’s workshop – the centre for creation and design.

Since then the company has grown and moved into two exciting, diverse and vibrant studios. Liqui’s main headquarters are located in the centre of Brighton with the second in Clerkenwell, London. At the core of both studios is a drive to create something unique and innovative. Liqui develop designs that are not only visually pleasing and functional but have minimal effect on the environment.

The studios take pride of place at Liqui, but at the company’s heart is a passion for making. This means that throughout its continual growth it has kept its workshop roots, moving it along with its main studio to the centre of Brighton. It is this unique trait that gives Liqui it’s technical advantage. It has the facilities and contacts to produce prototypes, trade stands, commercial interiors and furniture and lighting, allowing the company to maintain a high level of quality.

All this is combined with its multi-disciplined and material led design teams, allowing Liqui to continue it’s unique approach to design.