Liqui® Group was founded in 2007 by furniture designer and maker Cameron Fry who has grown the practice into an award-winning, multi-disciplined design studio that has built its reputation on detail-focused creative thinking and a belief that things can be different. This means that we not only design and make things to look good and function well, but also to have a minimum impact on the environment.

In addition to designing and manufacturing sustainable contract furniture and commercial lighting, the company has expanded into a number of related fields. We now create contemporary interiors for coffee shops, restaurants, retail spaces and offices. We also undertake exhibition design and brand experiences; creating such things as demonstration areas, VIP lounges and individual trade stands for events around the world.


With our roots in furniture making our whole design practice has an artisanal attention to detail and a passion for good quality, sustainable materials. By combining modern technology with traditional techniques we can achieve the highest standard of finish while maintaining large-scale production. For example, we can use CNC programming to machine cut components which are then assembled and finished by hand. We think of it as ‘digital joinery’.

With sustainability in mind, almost our entire range of furniture and lighting is manufactured in Britain. Here we can draw on a pool of highly skilled craftspeople, use consistently high-quality materials and utilise the latest technology – making production more efficient by cutting down on waste due to mistakes and scrap.

Our Moore chair is currently the only exception to this as the plywood part of the chair is made at a sawmill in the heart of a European FSC forest. We have chosen to use this method of production because trees go in one end of the facility and the formed plywood seats come out the other, making it a very energy efficient process. In addition, fuel is saved because we are only transporting the weight of the finished component without any waste, as when importing whole sheets of ply. Like everything else we manufacture, the bespoke steel wire frames are made here in Britain where we put the components of the chair together by hand.

With our expert knowledge of materials and highly skilled production methods we are well placed to design things that function well in addition to their aesthetic appeal. Whether it’s our contract furniture and lighting, or one of our commercial interiors, everything is designed with care as well as consideration for how it will be used and its longevity. Good design, quality, and sustainability are at the heart of everything we do. Beauty hand in hand with functionality.

"Because things can be different."