Liqui developed separate branded interiors for each of the individual businesses that make up the multi storey premises at Armada House. Every one of the commercial interiors has its own distinctive look and role while functioning as part of the parent company. Liqui created different style interior designs in line with the visual identity of each of the brands developed by our branding agency Crate47. By working closely together on the project we ensured a unity of vision between the interiors and the branding for each business. These are branded interiors where the branding doesn’t hit you in the face – it’s more about creating the right look and feel for each individual brand rather than plastering their logos everywhere.

'Our clients receive a joined-up service that provides truly creative solutions driven by the aims of their business.'

Armada House and Club lounge – a subtlety branded interior

The first of the branded interiors Liqui designed was for the Armada House reception and the Armada Club Lounge. Located in an historic building with some fine architectural features from which we took our cue.

We developed a modern take on the classic look of private gentlemen’s clubs. Members enter the building via the distinctive portico of the entranceway, from which Crate47 drew inspiration for their Armada House branding. On entering, the grand staircase and bespoke front desk of the reception area design set the tone for what lies beyond.

It leads into the well-appointed members lounge we designed, with modern Chesterfield sofas, contemporary armchairs, subtle lighting, and a custom bar design. The high-quality materials and muted colours of the interior design convey a distinct air of luxury. The ornately framed artwork on the walls adds to this impression. But, on closer inspection there’s a touch of anarchy at work – the traditional subject matter has been graffitied, giving the interior an unexpected edge. This irreverent touch takes away the stuffiness and makes it clear that the private club has a modern approach – a place for individualistic entrepreneurs and creative business people rather than more traditional types. This is all part of our subtle approach to branding through interior design. Tie-ing in with this, it was the artwork graffiti that inspired Crate47’s branding for The Armada Club with it’s gold spray-bombed lettering dripping down onto the more conventional logo beneath.

Office design that compliments the hospitality design.

Armada House is a multi-functional venue design with a mix of work and pleasure in mind. To this end, we designed a suite of office and meeting rooms with contrasting light and dark spaces depending on their function. There are traditional features in keeping with the heritage of the building, but this is disrupted by more modern elements such as the anarchic artwork on the walls. The branded interior design has an alternative feel suited to its individualistic clientele.

In addition, there is a large conference room that can also be used as a wedding venue, which is not at all edgy. This is a beautiful light and airy room with pillars, cornices, chandeliers, and a bespoke bar design. The open space is very versatile and can easily be adapted to different uses.

At the heart of the design process is the marriage of precision CNC machinery and traditional craftsmanship, reflecting a commitment to sustainable design. Utilizing cutting-edge CNC technology, our in-house production team intricately cut and detail sheet materials to precise specifications, ensuring the highest standards for sustainable office furniture. Each piece was subsequently handcrafted, and then installed.

The collection of branded interiors that make up Armada House all have their own distinctive visual identity that suits the objectives of each individual sub-brand within the house of brands. Through years of working together, Liqui and Crate47 have developed an understanding of each other’s creative objectives which means we can deliver a joined-up service to our clients that provides truly creative solutions driven by the aims of their business.


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