Liqui’s exhibition stand designers created the Beyond The Bean trade stand to be adaptable; suitable for various shows whilst being able to break down into manageable crates for shipping around Europe. It also had to be simple and light enough for assembly by the Beyond The Bean team on location – making the stand more cost-effective for each show.

Liqui wanted a natural feel to represent and complement Beyond The Bean’s brand, they used a high-grade Birch Ply with a clear coat lacquer finish. The backlit logos and counter added presence to the stand making it stand out from the rest.

The counter unit was designed to fulfill the need for a functional area to prepare the client’s produce whilst at the same time maintaining a strong brand identity. The counter had to meld with the overall theme of the stand which was to make the product the focal point. To achieve this panels of Birch Ply were used and all the joints were mitred so that minimal fixings were visible.

From the front, the counter looks clean with a large back-lit 3D company logo, and from the back, the work surface is hidden from view by the high front and sides. This allows any mess caused by preparing the hot and cold beverages served on the stand to be hidden from clients view. For added flexibility, the counter was constructed on sturdy steel castors so that it may be easily moved for transit to the next trade show.

"Designed to be cost effective and get noticed."

Displaying products at trade shows can be a tricky matter when you are not sure what size of stand you might have or how much stock you will be using. With these considerations in mind Liqui set about designing a modular display system that would allow a flexibility of stand size whilst not compromising on how the products were displayed.

The solution reached is a Lego style stacking system, 5-6 mitred ply boxes are bolted together to create stable sections, which are then joined to produce a wall of products. Each box allows plenty of breathing space for the client’s products avoiding the problems of over-stacked shelving confusing customers.


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