Liqui undertook the complete architectural design of the whole interior for this Saudi Arabia coffee shop design. The striking triangular-shaped building on the main road into Jeddah was just an empty shell. Liqui completed the layout and all structural changes within the building, working with the client to create a flagship coffee store. Pulling from Japanese and Scandinavian style influences, Liqui created several distinct spaces within the store. These included a service area, and various seating sections, as well as an intriguing staircase up to a ‘bridge’ leading to a retail area where customers could purchase Brew92 products. This flagship store provided a unique brand experience for its customers and continued to set the benchmark for new and exciting stores for our long-time clients, Brew92.




'The interior has an individual look that combines both Japanese and Scandinavian influences'

To tie in with the strong, almost ‘brutalist’ exterior we introduced floor to ceiling concrete columns to the interior; softening the minimalist look with curves wherever they joined with horizontal beams. These not only acted as supports for the second storey retail experience we created, but also gave a sense of structural grandeur to the space. In addition to concrete, we used a select range of materials which included terrazzo for the floors and oak for the grid like dividers, screen walls and window louvres seen throughout the interior design in varying scales. The window structures not only break-up the space between the monolithic pillars on the exterior but they purposefully provide shade from the sun’s intensity on the inside. This reduces solar gain and lessens the need for air conditioning; actively reducing the buildings energy usage. And, as well as adding visual interest, they create an ever-changing dappled light throughout the interior, stimulating a sense of wellbeing for the customers. This has been further enhanced by including a variety of plants including small trees in large planters within the architectural design, which in turn adds to the ‘Japandi’ aesthetic.

'Liqui's furniture and lighting has become part of Brew92’s brand DNA'

Liqui’s furniture and lighting have become part of Brew92’s brand DNA throughout our Saudi Arabia coffee shop design work for them. They bring a consistency to the individual look of each of their interiors, with pieces being customised to suit a specific decor. In this case, beyond such things as custom colours on existing ranges, completely bespoke benches have been created with a low, wide profile somewhat reminiscent of Japanese design. With their cylindrical and pebble like shapes being found in most of the other pieces, the furniture and lighting complements features within the architectural design itself, such as the curved corners, bringing the interior design together as a whole.

As well as providing excellent visual renders of the finished project, Liqui’s architectural designers also supplied the client with comprehensive design intent drawings for their build team to work from. And, having manufactured all furniture and lighting in the UK, Liqui then took care of any logistics involved in shipping those items to the location. Throughout the build we worked closely with the client to assist them in sourcing appropriate materials, make choices in items such as paint finishes and resolve any matters that arose; effectively becoming the client’s dedicated creative department. Liqui’s imaginative architectural design has resulted in a unique coffee shop interior with the look and feel of an exclusive restaurant that befits Brew92’s pre-eminent position in the Middle East’s specialty coffee culture.


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