To celebrate Clerkenwell Design Week Havwoods commissioned Liqui to create a variety of eye-catching visual merchandising installations for their Clerkenwell showroom at 26-27 Great Sutton Street. The displays showcase a variety of Cork products from Havwoods new range of Cork wall cladding to offer showroom visitors a unique brand experience.

The idea of the window piece is to draw people to the shop while still allowing them to see into the interior. Liqui took simple flat Cork wall tiles and gave them a 3-dimensional twist by creating a hanging structure that takes the form of asymmetrical drapes or curtains. The interwoven geometric pattern of the triangular cut tiles is held together by bespoke brackets made by Liqui, especially for the job. The open structure affords viewers glimpses of the further displays within. There is a wall piece made up of different sized faceted wall tiles that stand out from the surface. These are in two contrasting shades that fade from dark to light and take their inspiration from pixel art. Structural pillars within the shop have been covered in a bark-like cladding called ’Node’ which gives them the appearance of tree trunks.

Liqui have pushed the idea of visual merchandising and found different and unusual ways of showing the Cork products that Havwoods wanted to promote during this important design event.

"Offering showroom visitors a unique brand experience"

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