In another of our coffee shop collaborations, Liqui undertook the interior design of this vibrant new coffee shop while our branding agency Crate47 undertook the branding so that one complimented the other.

Crate47 developed a calligraphic style cafe logo that incorporated both hand-drawn text and a brush stroke circle motif. These two elements were developed to be used both together and separately as on the back of the business card. They also undertook the graphic design of various other print items including loyalty cards and the coffee shop menu.

A fully responsive specialist coffee website was created by Crate47 too. This conveyed the look and the feel of the brand as well as being informative about what Kaafi had to offer. Once Liqui had completed the interior, Crate47’s photographers undertook a photo shoot, providing all of the visual content for the website, as well as for social media. They also created a short promotional video for marketing purposes.

"The typography is really well-balanced. It’s iconic, it’s memorable, it’s simple and powerful. ”
Zeeshan Malik, Kaafi Coffee Company

Liqui’s coffee shop design for Kaafi created an interior that worked harmoniously with Crate47’s branding.

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The Kaafi coffee shop in The Hague designed and installed by Liqui. Interior view looking passed the counter to the front window showing Symbol Lights above a row of studio Tables and Trapeze Chairs.

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