Crate47 developed branding around the maritime theme we were pursuing. The logo design itself uses the sort of pared-back lettering that might be found on waterside warehouses. But, it’s given a look of quality by setting it in white on a vertical navy blue ribbon inspired by the famous yacht race. This is backed up with a stand-alone marque showing a number 29 on a pier building set on a roundel. The brand identity was enhanced by a series of seafood illustrations. We rendered these in such a way as to give them the look of old scientific marine engravings which lent interest to the print items. With navy blue being used throughout the branding and the interior design the brand experience was complete.


Liqui’s seafood restaurant design for Pier 29 was created hand-in-hand with our branding agency Crate47 who created a brand that fits with the nautical theme of our contemporary interior. This was in-line with the all-encompassing brief for this new hospitality venture, and together we developed a subtly branded restaurant interior design that offers a relaxed dining experience for those who enjoy good quality seafood.

With the maritime theme in mind, the interior design of the restaurant combines such elements as navy blue walls and exposed timber. There’s a row of large circular mirror windows running the length of one wall that suggest oversized portholes. We created a slice of theatre with two large installation pieces suspended above the diners which have the appearance of wooden boats stripped of their exterior planking to reveal the ribs and supporting keels beneath. Against another wall stands a pair of similar structures looking like the skeletons of halved boats that have been upended. These open frameworks give the impression of partial shelters for two seating areas.


Liqui designed a variety of bespoke furniture and lighting to fit with the nautical theme of the restaurant interior design. The most striking of these is the long boat-shaped banquette seating which runs the length of the suspended boat frame installation that it sits beneath. We transformed the look of an old-style Captain’s chair to create very distinctive dining chairs that are used throughout the restaurant design. For the suspended lighting we drew inspiration from old lobster pots and developed our new Brixham range of pendant lights. Although our seafood restaurant design draws inspiration for many of its features from traditional marine artefacts, it reflects those influences with a contemporary edge, offering a wholly modern interior design for the enjoyment of the diners it welcomes.


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