Liqui’s modern office design for Sika’s headquarters is focused on flexible working and workplace wellbeing. We achieved flexibility in the interior design by providing a choice of working environments. There are social areas with comfortable seating; enclosed areas for more individual and small group tasks; quiet nooks for meetings; and rooms for video calls with colleagues and clients. This varied mix of spaces allowed for hot desking, creative interaction, collaboration, and socialising. The inclusive feel of the office interior is one that promotes employee wellbeing.

Our human centred design creates an environment where people want to come, work and spend time. This in turn improves staff retention and attracts new talent – both goals of the client.





This is a modern office design that also has to stand the test of time. Over the next decade, the aesthetic style and flexible functionality will be used as the datum for a continued roll out to other Sika office locations with the intention of improving their overall corporate wellness. The hybrid office design gives greater flexibility to employees, allowing them to split their time between tasks within the office itself as well as working remotely. This is aided by enhanced connectivity through the digital infrastructure.

Although this is undoubtedly a modern office design we purposely avoided paying too much attention to current trends as they can quickly date; resulting in premature interior overhauls. To us longevity is as much a core principle to sustainable design as the materials used. Drawing on classic Scandinavian and mid-century influences, while using a muted colour palette, twinned with the timeless appeal of natural materials, the office design aims to be viable for years to come.

'The interior draws on classic Scandinavian and mid-century influences, while using a muted colour palette and natural materials'

Our modern office design features a bespoke central touchdown area which creates a space for both team meetings and somewhere for staff to sit and send out a few emails in-between meetings. It encompasses a bespoke high table with enhanced connectivity and an acoustic engineered canopy to reduce sound reverberations.

In another section of the office design, rows of fitted custom lockers offer a place where staff can store their personal belongings when hot desking. Manufactured in-house by Liqui from sustainable timber they are finished in an oak veneer.
Behind the glazed partitions, there are groups of bespoke desks that have also been manufactured and installed by Liqui. They house all the wiring inside integral cable trays that have lids for ease of access. Wireless charging points for mobile phones and ‘pop-up’ chargers have been installed on each desk, making it easier for staff to charge their devices.

Acoustic elements have been considered in numerous parts of our modern office design. The breakout room has carpeted floor with acoustic underlay and sound absorbing soft seating. In the central area, acoustic pod sofa’s have been incorporated – offering staff a quieter place to sit within the bigger space. Also, there is the added benefit of a large acoustic canopy directly above the central area to reduce noise levels and eliminate echoes in the space. The desk area is sectioned off from the main thoroughfare with Crittall style windows. These, along with the felt desk dividers and acoustic light fixtures, also cut down on the effect of noise travelling around the room.

Liqui Group seamlessly integrated with Sika’s project work stream to enhance workplace wellbeing. Through collaborative efforts, hot desking was adopted based on employee preferences, aligning with Sika’s attraction and retention strategies. The human-centric approach to office design prioritized wellness, incorporating elements like well-designed furniture, lighting, acoustics, and greenery.

The environmental impact of the office design was carefully considered, addressing lighting efficiency, waste reduction through furniture recycling, and the installation of an energy-efficient VRF HVAC system. The positive effects on workplace wellbeing were evident, with improved climate control, sound engineering, and continuous positive feedback from staff.

'Sustainability is key to our office interior design'

The transformation of Sika’s office space was a collaborative endeavour that blended form and function seamlessly, with a specific focus on open plan and sustainable office design, and bespoke office furniture solutions. The journey to create office furniture solutions that align with Sika’s vision was marked by a meticulous process that combined modern technology and handcrafted precision. Within this transformation, we meticulously designed and handcrafted various bespoke office furniture pieces, including lockers with tumbler locks for secure and stylish storage, storage cabinets that seamlessly blend with the office’s open plan design, custom hot desking solutions designed for efficiency and sustainability, meeting pods fostering collaboration, and seating solutions that are both comfortable and sustainable, all while adhering to the principles of sustainable office design.

At the heart of the design process is the marriage of precision CNC machinery and traditional craftsmanship, reflecting a commitment to sustainable design. Utilizing cutting-edge CNC technology, our in-house production team intricately cut and detail sheet materials to precise specifications, ensuring the highest standards for sustainable office furniture. Each piece was subsequently handcrafted, and then installed.


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