Before Liqui started the Verdi Italian restaurant interior design, our branding company Crate47 had to create the brand, part of which included finding the right name. This process was done in consultation with ourselves so that the restaurant interior and the branding would work in unison. Both had to reflect the modern approach to traditional Italian cuisine that our Saudi Arabia clients wanted to promote. With their emphasis on fresh, quality produce, Verdi (meaning ‘greens’) became the chosen name. The brand’s use of different shades of green in the logo was carried through by us into the interior restaurant design itself in such things as the soft furnishings and wall coverings. As part of the sub-branding, Crate47 created a pattern (seen on the menu design, etc.) which we used on the glass frontage of the restaurant to partially screen the interior from the mall outside. Liqui designed bespoke banquet seating for the more formal part of the restaurant interior, while we combined our Milne barstools with long custom bar tables for the informal area in front of the kitchen servery.

With Liqui developing the Verdi Italian restaurant interior design in conjunction with Crate47’s branding it led to something much more than just a restaurant design with a completely separate brand bolted on. The synergy between the two companies means that there is continuity throughout each project for our clients with the final outcome being a coordinated brand experience for their customers.

"Our approach creates comprehensive branded restaurant spaces - so much more than a logo design bolted onto a restaurant interior."

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